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Xaptec GmbH

Xaptec GmbH produces optical sensors and high-tech-measuring systems for industrial image processing. Xaptec specialises on multi-sensor technology, which delivers numerous advantages when several cameras are used for image processing.

The strip sensor systems of the XT-series have been specifically designed to register ribbon characteristics such as width, cracks, holes and the strip centre position. Following the functional principle of the transmitted light method, a sensor bar is placed above the strip and a light source underneath it. The method makes it possible to control any strip or sheet material optoelectronically, nearly independent of the material.

The different cameras in our product range feature the proven Xaptec GmbH characteristics that distinguish our company from competitors: the innovative multi-sensor technology from Xaptec combined with high flexibility, minimal required installation room and nearly infinite cascadability allow an individual and specific approach to each customer’s demands.