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innolectric AG

innolectric is driving forward electromobility and developing component solutions for the electrified powertrain and the associated charging process. Our name stands for what is important to us: innovation in electronics.

We believe in electromobility and we create the better solutions for our customers. We give life to our projects thanks to our thorough understanding of electromobility, our personal enthusiasm and our great sense of responsibility.

Charging an electric vehicle requires numerous components. Both the transmission of the power and the communication between the components must work smoothly for successful charging of the vehicle. innolectric offers component solutions that keep an eye on the network of individual elements, among others, the flexible On-board Charger.

We also offer our customers battery systems based on our proprietary platforms, which can be used, for example, to substitute lead-acid batteries in machinery, and which can be customised according to the customer’s needs.