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Voltavision GmbH

In Voltavision’s development and test centre, we test high-voltage batteries and inverters for automotive and industrial applications and certify them for series production. The test laboratory offers state-of-the art testing facilities with voltages between 0-1000V, a current of ±3.6kA and power up to ±720kW.

Our services support producers, developers and suppliers of automotive and industrial applications during product development and certification. In cooperation with our customers, we develop strategies to carry out efficient and sound testing solutions, from single cells all the way to complex high-voltage batteries and power electronics components such as inverters and DC/DC converters.
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We founded Voltavision as a development and test centre in order to effectively advance the technology shift to electromobility and the use of renewable energy sources.

Nils Stentenbach, Managing Director Voltavision
Our team of highly-qualified engineers help innovative companies face the challenges of the future. Together with our ruhrvalley partners, we are capable of solving complex and interdisciplinary tasks.

Our core competencies

Voltavision is an independent research and development service provider specialising on the following areas:

Testing of energy storage, power electronics and electrical system components.
Operation and optimisation of test laboratories
Seminars and workshops on HV
Custom development and assembly of testing equipment and facilities.