Elektromobilität Partner // AUKTORA GmbH


Auktora GmbH is a technology company specialising in the field of electromobility. It is an independent development and engineering service provider for electric power trains. “Only by considering the application as a whole with the necessary system competence will it be possible to achieve a smooth integration of the powertrain components in the vehicle. AUKTORA’s core competence is the connection of the traction elements and its interaction with the electrical components. High power density, production process optimisation and high integration are at the forefront of motor development.”

AUKTORA’s core area lies on the individual configuration of electric motors (traction components) for the specific conditions that their applications require. We support our customers in the development of a solution appropriate to their sector, whether it be automotive, intralogistics, public transportation or applied vehicles.
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The mobility of the future is electric. Whether hybrid technology, batteries or with fuel cells is not important. We’ll deliver the appropriate powertrain!

Thierry Wilmes, Managing Director AUKTORA
Through the development of custom powertrains for individual applications, the customers’ specifications can be targeted more specifically. Especially in new vehicle conception, a targeted choice of powertrain concept can create more freedom for the design. This creates more value for the end customer and their expectations about range, power, practicability and design. At the same time, the expectations of the producer regarding lower costs can be considered right from the beginning. The use of existing solutions is filled with compromises.