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Institute for Communication Technology

The Institute for Communication Technology was founded in 1995, and since then, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ingo Kunold has been at its head. The Institute is a member of the Competence Platform Communications and Applied Signal Processing of North-Rhine-Westphalia. The ICT employs 6 professors, 13 research associates and numerous scientific auxiliaries in research and development, with partners from the industry as well as national and international universities. The ICT offers master and bachelor programmes in communication technology at the faculties for Electrical Engineering and for Information Technology at Dortmund University for Applied Sciences and Arts.

At the present, our core areas of work are internet protocol-based ICT systems for multimedia communication and energy information systems. We are currently focusing on several e-energy projects together with well-known regional and international university and industrial partners, financed by MIWF NRW, BMBF, BMWi and the EU. Since 2013, we have worked on our core areas with partners from branches such as electrical engineering, IT, housing industry and research, on the BMWi project GUIDED Autonomic Building (GAB). In cooperation with the DFKI as research partners, we work on the following themes: GAB system architecture and middleware, and backend state systems.

In 2016, the follow-up project Guided Autonomous Locations (GAL) was launched. Within the context of the technology competition “Smart Services World - Internet-based Business Services” the project seeks to transfer the results from project GAB to a web-based smart service platform for autonomous, cyber-physical buildings. In line with the digitalisation of our environment, this should make possible the identification and implementation of smart services for the fields of home living, work, shopping and healthcare.

Our core competencies

The ICT, based on its current projects, competences and networks, is focusing on the following fields:

IoT interfaces and middleware, digitalisation
Smart metering/e-energy/smart systems
Intelligent demand control and monitoring in SMEs and the energy grid
Backend state systems