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Institute for Innovation Research and Management

Innovation research at a university of applied sciences and innovation management for SMEs

Since 2010 the Institute for Innovation Research and Management (ifi) has been a central academic institution of the Westphalian University of Applied Sciences (formerly University of Applied Sciences Gelsenkirchen). The ifi was founded at the request of the state government North Rhine-Westphalia as a spin-off of the Institute for Applied Innovation Research (IAI) at the Ruhr-University Bochum in order to establish innovation research in the field of universities of applied sciences.

It can therefore build on a 30 years long tradition in innovation research. Under the leadership of Prof. Dr. Bernd Kriegesmann former employees of the IAI ensure the necessary transfer of know-how.

Analysing, structuring and encouraging innovation processes at the ifi

Innovation has become the most frequently used catchphrase at the corporate, organisational and political level. Occasionally, the impression is created that expanding innovation rhetoric is becoming a substitute for real innovations.

The ifi starts its work beyond this programmatic alliance for innovation and deals with the creation and improvement of innovation processes. Characteristic for the work at the ifi is a research approach that combines academic developmental work and practice.

With this profile the ifi does

• research projects,

• scientific analysis,

• studies and

• workshops

for ministries, foundations, associations and companies.