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GeoSmaGriR: Smart Solar Geothermal Energy Grid Ruhr

Flexible and decentralised feed of solar and geother­mal heat into heat networks using existing supply and grid structures

The project envisages the development of an intelligent system of decentralised producers of solar and geothermal heat, seasonal storage in decomissioned coal mine infrastructure and existing heat networks, using the specific infrastructural constraints of the Ruhr region. In order to link bidirectional thermal consumer/producer systems, a distributed system architec­ture is required where both consumers and producers can be connected by intelligent IoT middleware and cost effective con­trol devices via hardware solutions and a cloud based software platform.

The primary project objectives are:

  • Identify efficient and reliable thermal storage systems in mining infrastructure.
  • Preclude possible risks, such as the geomechanical integrity of the storage and its effect on the surface as well as possible environmental damages.
  • Dynamic simulation of energy flows with an accurate analysis of the hydraulic and temporal processes of the individual components (producers and consumers) in order to develop control strategies for the totality of the system.
  • Develop a low cost smart device controller in order to record the relevant parameters of the subsystems in the grid.
  • Transform the heating networks into autonomous cyber-physical systems and connect them to a software platform.
  • CPS and cloud-based monitoring and control of the entire system, which takes into account the respective network conditions and implementation of smart services.

What makes this project especial?

  • An existing initial situation a schallenge: the Ruhr conurbation as an urban agglomeration with a unique district heating system and extensive unused mining infrastructure.
  • Until now, old mines had not been considered for thermal energy storage.
  • Use of innovative energy converting systems (e.g., heat transformer.)
  • Systemic energy management concept with concrete prototype development of cost-effective hardware components.

Project begin: 01 January, 2017

Information on funding and further project participants

Funding code: 13FH0I11IA, 13FH0I12IA, 13FH0I13IA

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