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SiME: System Innovation for Mobility and Energy in the Metropolis

Develop a holistic approach to a viable future energy and mobility system, using the Ruhr conurbation as a case example

Market conditions, environmental and societal challenges, individual user habits, latest knowledge and technology, regulatory frameworks have one thing in common: they all play a role in the transformation of energy and mobility systems, but they are often disregarded. In order to overcome these challenges, the SiME project uses case examples to systematically study the barriers within this process and seeks to develop instruments and methods based on systems engineering.

The aim of the SiMe project is to create an open and integrated innovation process that leads to a holistic approach to a viable future energy and mobility system, and provides better insight into the implementation barriers. Furthermore, the process should result in a practice oriented design tool, which will be systematically tested using the Ruhr conurbation as a case example.

What makes this project especial?

The targets of mobility and energy transformation are not achievable with incremental innovations. For this reason, the project turns the system-oriented innovation process for the energy and mobility oriented transformation of metropolitan areas into the object of the research itself and formulates holistic solutions in transdisciplinary cooperation across all domains with partners from industry and science.

Project begin: 01 September, 2017

Information on funding and further project participants

Funding code: 13FH0E11IA, 13FH0E12IA

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