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LiModPress: Modular Lithium-Ion Battery System Based on the Hydraulic Compression of Single Cells

Development of a working prototype of a modular lithium-ion battery system based on the hydraulic compression of single cells. Project start: 01 January, 2019

Project LiModPress explores an innovative technology that could allow the production of more compact and effective battery systems for mobile and stationary applications. Based on an invention of Westphalian University of Applied Science called hydraulic compression, a working prototype will be developed and built. The objectives are to further develop preliminary studies of lithium-ion batteries produced by hydraulic compression and to facilitate a future system integration.

What makes this project especial?

The invention of hydraulically pressing single cells into stacks of electrochemical cells (e.g. fuel cells, electrolysers or batteries) is unique and has already been patented worldwide (USA, Canada, PRC, Japan, EU.)

Information on funding and further project participants

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