Condition Monitoring for predictive maintenance adapted to geothermal electric submersible pumps

Reliable feed pump technology is a basic requirement for the development of deep geothermal energy, especially within the context of projects in geothermal energy and thermal energy storage in mines that seek to transform existing district heating systems in the Ruhr conurbation. There is great interest in new technical approaches that improve pump efficiency and durability, as well as in failure prediction systems for operative pumps. Accordingly, the project focuses on the following goals:

  • Reduce investment costs for feed pumps for deep geothermal energy applications.
  • Identify relevant components, wear parts and operating conditions in pilot plant tests simulating realistic conditions.
  • Choose sensors and signal acquisition systems suited to conditions in the wells (temperature, water quality, hydraulics.)
  • Connect a data collector with model-based Condition Monitoring.
  • Process data with anomaly detection using forecasting models.

What makes the project special?

The project pioneers the use of a Condition Monitoring System for submersible pumps, which optimises the feed pump technology and leads to a significant improvement in the economic viability of deep geothermal energy projects.

Information on funding and further project participants

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