RS1 Mobil

The fusion of car and bicycle revolutionises transportation over short and middle distances in the Ruhr Region.

The objective of project RS1 Mobil is to design a mobility concept, which closes the mobility gap between cars and bicycles by merging them into a “bicycle car.” A partial transformation of rush-hour traffic to alleviate overall traffic and improve the environment is possible if the disadvantages of both vehicles are removed. The “bicycle car” can be attractive to commuters in the Ruhr Metropolitan and Model Region and transform their mobility habits into a more sustainable and human mobility concept.

The Ruhr Metropolitan Region offers special opportunities in the fields of climate protection and the related areas of mobility and energy transformation, as well as the growing need for alternative intra-urban transportation solutions. The continuous expansion of bicycle path and highway infrastructure, such as the RS1, the first bicycle highway in Germany, has increased the potential demand for all-weather, multi-track, Pedelec-based, car-like vehicles.

A thorough analysis of relevant user groups will be used to determine the design of the vehicle and its components. Additionally, other areas being explored are the creation of an adequate production network and the technical and production feasibility of the vehicle.

The purpose of project RS1 is to scientifically assess the potential of this mobility solution “from the Ruhr Region, for the Ruhr Region” in order to drive forward the ampliation of bicycle-based mobility and contribute to the transformation of the mobility sector.

Project duration: 01 November 2019- 31 Oktober 2020

Information on funding and further project participants

Funding code: 13FH01521A

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