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Get the dishes done or the clothes washed when electricity is cheapest? Combined heat and power in your home and supply the electricity to the grid? An Internet marketplace for energy, supervised, controlled and regulated thanks to the intelligent technology in our electricity system? E-DeMa develops solutions to make these ideas real.

Between November 2008 and March 2013, research project E-DeMa developed and tested solutions that would enable people to shape their energy use more sensibly and participate in a local energy market as suppliers. Wash clothes or do the dishes done when electricity supply is high and prices are low, use modern heating technology to supply energy to the grid when electricity prices are high: E-DeMa simulated all these situations. Around 700 participants from the model regions Mülheim-on-Ruhr and Krefeld took part in one of the biggest field tests of the energy transformation in practice in private households. For this purpose, every participating household was provided with an intelligent electricity meter equipped with a communications module and a connection to the home’s PC. Via Internet, the households were informed about when it was more economical to use electricity, which is often at night, and also when a large amount of renewable energy is available in the grid. Around 100 households were also equipped with intelligent washing machines, driers or dishwashers that would operate automatically based on the lowest energy prices. Participants who had a micro-CHP unit were also able to feed the energy they produced into the grid and thus become active participants in the energy market.

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Funding code: 01ME08026